Posted on: May 23, 2017

Buffalo County has been named a 2017 Choice Destination

Buffalo County has been named as the 2017 Choice Destination location.  What does this mean?  It means fun and adventure await you in beautiful Buffalo County.  

In the Discover Wisconsin program featuring "Water Trails of the Driftless"  you will see fun activities that can be had both on the water and on land. 

Do you like to fish, kayak, canoe and explore on the water?  Do you like to bike, hike, or ATV?  Maybe food and refreshments are your thing.  There is even some fun horse riding action to be had.  Whether you just like to watch or partake in the adventure we have some fun waiting for you.  

Visit www.discoverwisconsin.com to watch "Water Trails of the Driftless"  to see the adventure that awaits you in Buffalo County. 


"Water Trails of the Driftless"
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