Emergency Management

08/11/ 2016 Buffalo County Flooding

Updates and advisories regarding the flooding will be posted to the Buffalo County website as needed. 

*Report private property or agricultural damage to 2-1-1*
using a landline or 1-800-362-8255 using a cell phone.

Residents should also encourage neighbors and friends with damage to call. *Federal and State disaster assistance to the County is based on total reported losses.


Emergency Relief for Townships

Please visit this website for help regarding emergency relief for your township:


Do not drink water from a private well that has been submerged by flood waters until the well has been tested safe for bacteria.  *Free* water test kits are available at the Buffalo County Health Department 608-685-4412.  


*Free* flood clean up kits are available for pickup at the Gilmanton Town Hall, Lincoln Town Hall and the Buffalo County Courthouse.

The Buffalo County GIS Department and Wisconsin Emergency Management have created a Flooding Interactive map of the roads impacted by the Flood event.  Please note that this is a dynamic situation and mapping information will be updated and changed as the situation develops. 

Public Health Well Water and Clean Up Advisory
En Español Flooding Information Sp 8-12-16