1. Aging

    The Buffalo County Aging Unit is part of the county's Department of Health and Human Services and encourages Buffalo County Seniors to stay active and involved in life, through volunteering and participating in our congregate meal program.

  2. Aging & Disability Resource Center

    Find assistance with long term care and disability information.

  3. Child Support

    Review information on child support.

  4. Clerk of Courts

    Browse information on the Clerk of Courts.

  5. Coroner

    Learn about the Buffalo County Coroner.

  6. Corporation Council

    Find details on the Corporation Council.

  7. County Administration

    See who helps run the county.

  8. County Clerk

    See services provided by the County Clerk's Office.

  9. County Treasurer / Real Property Lister

    Find out more about the duties of the Treasurer's Office.

  10. District Attorney

    Learn about the district attorney in Buffalo County.

  11. Emergency Management

    See how the county responds to emergencies.

  12. GIS / Land Information Services

    Find GIS related information

  13. Human Services

    Find out more about Health and Human Services.

  14. Highway

    Find resources from the Highway Department.

  15. Historical Society

    Get details on the Historical Society.

  16. Land Conservation

  17. Maintenance

    Learn about the Maintenance Department.

  18. Natural Resources

    Find helpful numbers for different natural resource divisions.

  19. Non-Metallic Mining

    Review active reclamation permits, The Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance, and The Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Permit Application Fees.

  20. Public Health

    The Department of Public Health is designed to ensure safety and health in the public

  21. Recycling

    Get details on recycling in Buffalo County.

  22. Register of Deeds

    Our office is responsible for the accurate and timely recording / filing and indexing of all real estate documents pertaining to property within Buffalo County.

  23. Register in Probate

    The Buffalo County Probate Office strives to serve the public in a prompt, high quality and professional manner that is within all applicable legal guidelines.

  24. Sheriff

    Get details on the Sheriff's Office, or find resources for victims of crime.

  25. Solid Waste

  26. Surveyor

    Learn about the Land Survey System.

  27. UW-Extension

    Visit the UW-Extension website.

  28. Veteran Services

    We can help veterans discover the benefits to which they are entitled and assist them with the application process.

  29. Zoning