Boards & Committees

  1. ADRC Committee

    Get more information on the ADRC Committee.

  2. Agricultural & Extension Education Committee

    Find agendas and minutes for the Agricultural and Extension Education Committee.

  3. Board of Adjustments

    Get the latest on the Board of Adjustments.

  4. Committee of Board

    Download agendas and minutes from the Committee of the Board.

  5. County Board

    Get to know the County Board members.

  6. Finance Committee

    Learn about the Finance Committee.

  7. Health & Human Services & Veterans Committee

    Get the latest on the Health and Human Services and Veterans Committee.

  8. Highway Committee

    Take a look at the Highway Committee.

  9. Human Resources Committee

    Learn about the Human Resources Committee.

  10. Land Conservation Committee

    Review information on the Land Conservation Committee.

  11. Land Information Committee

    Browse agendas and minutes from the Land Information Committee.

  12. Law Enforcement Committee

    Find agendas and minutes from the Law Enforcement Committee.

  13. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    See how the Local Emergency Planning Committee helps prepare the community for disasters.

  14. Zoning Committee

    Learn about the Zoning Committee.

  15. Recycling Committee

    See how the Recycling Committee is helping to keep the community clean.

  16. Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

    Find Agendas for Buffalo Pepin Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC).

  17. Economic Development Committee

  18. Highway Safety Commission