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BNSF Railway crews working near Alma, WI at the site of the November 7 freight train derailment continue rerailing the cars and repairing the tracks. At this time we estimate the tracks will return to service Monday evening, and there is no hazard to the public at this time.

Buffalo County Emergency Management met with BNSF today to discuss the environmental impact and reclamation as the cleanup continues.  The environmental engineers present indicated that the ethanol is dissipating and a long term environmental monitoring program is being planned and will be initiated immediately after the rail line is cleared.  In the meantime BNSF environmental engineers, Federal Fish and Wildlife representatives and the Wisconsin DNR will continue to monitor for any environmental impacts and to which at this time, none have been observed.

The cause of the accident is still not known, it is an active investigation and will be for some time. BNSF indicates that they conduct a full investigation when there is an incident, looking at all potential issues. The Federal Rail Road Administration and NTSB can conduct an investigation at any time. Federal Rail Administration personnel arrived on 11/09/2015 and are on scene.

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